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Here’s how the two-party Westminster system fails Scotland

Christian Wakeford, a right-wing, Brexit-loving Tory MP, has defected to the Labour Party. That, combined with Keir Starmer’s drift towards the right, shows that Labour and the Tories are increasingly two sides of the same Westminster coin – and increasingly out of touch with Scotland.

Rampant Sleaze at Heart of UK Government

Tories Rewrite Rules to Protect Their Own The SNP has condemned “a litany of stitch-ups and sleaze”, after the UK Government moved to overhaul the system governing parliamentarians’ conduct – after a Tory MP was found to have broken rules on paid lobbying. Whipped Tory

Rishi Sunak’s UK Budget: What You Need to Know

When we cut through the Tory spin, Rishi Sunak’s UK Budget falls apart under the slightest scrutiny. This Budget – with the combination of Tory welfare cuts, misplaced tax hikes and a damaging Brexit – leaves millions of Scottish families worse off. Here’s a summary

Tories Impose National Insurance Tax Hike

Scottish families are being shafted by new Tory poll tax Scotland’s families and young people are set to be shafted by Boris Johnson’s plans to impose a National Insurance tax hike on millions, in order to fix Westminster’s social care crisis in England – creating

Tories Lose 2-year Battle to Keep Their #Indyref Polling Secret

The UK government must release secret union polling after tribunal ruling Following a two-year battle with the UK government, the Cabinet Office has finally been ordered by the courts to disclose their secret polling on independence and attitudes towards the Union – revealing what the

Tory Fisheries Minister Admits Not Reading Brexit Detail

Businesses Must Be Compensated Graeme has reiterated calls for seafood businesses to be compensated for ongoing Brexit chaos, following statements of ‘sheer complacency’ from UK Government ministers. Fisheries Minister Victoria Prentis MP admitted during an evidence session that she did not fully read the details

Tories Have Broken Promises to Farmers

GM Crops Consultation ‘Threatens Standards’ Graeme has condemned Westminster for breaking promises to Angus farmers just weeks after the end of the Brexit transition period. The UK Government has announced plans to consult on the introduction of gene-editing, despite commercial planting of GM crops currently