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Almost £940,000 Spent Mitigating Tory Cuts in Angus

Scotland Fighting Poverty ‘With One Hand Tied Behind its Back’ £938,260 has been spent in Angus this year on Discretionary Housing Payments, for the purpose of mitigating UK Government cuts including the ‘bedroom tax’. While highlighting the significance of this intervention, Graeme has decried the

Scottish Budget Bill Passed

Funding announced to help tackle the cost of living crisis. The 2022-2023 Scottish Budget Bill has been backed by MSPs. During the Stage 3 debate in the Scottish Parliament, Finance Secretary Kate Forbes announced a further £290 million in financial support to help address the

Tory Cost of Living Crisis: What it Means in our Daily Lives

The impact of the Tory cost-of-living crisis reaches far and wide. However it’s disproportionately impacting the poorest, most vulnerable members of society. Meanwhile, the UK Tory government is too busy indulging in party scandals, cronyism, peerages for donors and saving Boris Johnson’s skin – instead

Revealed: Tory Cuts Cost Pensioners £520 in 2022

New analysis reveals that almost one million Scottish pensioners have been directly impacted by the Tories’ pensions cut. Here’s a quick summary. Pensions triple lock: a Tory broken promise In their 2019 manifesto, the Tories promised to keep the ‘triple lock’ on pensions – which

UK Budget Leaves Angus Families Worse Off

No Fair Recovery Under Westminster The Tory UK Government’s budget makes it clear that “independence is the only way to give Angus a fair recovery from the pandemic.” The Scottish Government’s Finance Secretary, Kate Forbes, had written to UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak prior to the

Tale of Two Governments on Social Security

UK Gov Universal Credit Cuts While Scot Gov Invests Billions New research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has revealed that more than one in three families with children in Scotland (37%) will lose £1,040 per year if the Tory UK Government goes ahead with cuts to

Mitigating the Worst of Tory Austerity

Delivering for Scotland #46: No Bedroom Tax The SNP has acted to ensure that no one should be left in a position where they cannot access support to pay their rent. As well as through the new Tenant Hardship Loan Fund introduced new last autumn,