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Scottish Cluster Carbon Capture Bid Rejected

Scotland has been dealt an economic and environmental blow after a flagship carbon capture project was sidelined by the UK government. “There isn't a jaw which hasn't hit the ground at this news among those involved in the Scottish cluster bid.It seemed like a no-brainer…”

No One Should Ever Have to Choose Between Eating and Heating

Headlines about energy price hikes and empty supermarket shelves are concerning. Just as the economy and our lives have been returning to a bit of normality, it’s very frustrating to see supply shortages causing disruption in a whole host of sectors. In particular, the prospect

Graeme’s Column

Scotland’s Tale of Two Governments Scotland has two governments – with very different priorities, which are becoming increasingly apparent. The Programme for Government which is published each September lays out the actions the Scottish Government intends to take in the next year and beyond. In

Corruption and Cronyism

This UK Tory government is engulfed in corruption and cronyism From the ‘Text for contracts’ scandal in May to the Downing Street flat renovations, Boris Johnson’s Tory government is stumbling from one corruption scandal to the next. This week alone, there have been two further

A Tale of Two Governments

This is a tale of two governments – the SNP Scottish Government that’s delivering progress to every household in Scotland, and the UK Tory government imposing damaging policies against our will. While Boris Johnson’s priorities lie around Trident nuclear weapons, welfare cuts and a power

UK Budget Marks “Return to Tory Austerity Cuts”

Scotland Faces Choice of Two Futures Graeme has said the UK Budget marks “a return to Tory austerity cuts” – failing to deliver the investment required to tackle the Tory child poverty crisis and deliver a fair recovery. Responding to the Budget, the SNP leader

Tory Fisheries Minister Admits Not Reading Brexit Detail

Businesses Must Be Compensated Graeme has reiterated calls for seafood businesses to be compensated for ongoing Brexit chaos, following statements of ‘sheer complacency’ from UK Government ministers. Fisheries Minister Victoria Prentis MP admitted during an evidence session that she did not fully read the details