What We’re Doing For Scotland’s Minority Ethnic Communities

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SNP Manifesto 2021: What we’re doing for Scotland’s Minority Ethnic Communities 

Our vision is to make Scotland a global leader in diversity and inclusion to increase fairness and equality and remove societal disadvantage. We are committed to achieving equality for all minority ethnic people and key to that is removing barriers and improving opportunities across society.

Make it Both Votes SNP to: 

Ensure a diverse and inclusive Scotland

We will introduce an overarching Scottish Diversity and Inclusion Strategy covering the public sector, our
educational institutions, justice system, transport and workplaces. This strategy will focus on the removal of institutional, cultural and financial barriers which lead to inequalities in relation to gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability and social mobility.

We will increase and improve our data collection so that across all our policies we will be able to have a strong evidence base, gauge intersectional inequality, measure outcomes, and recommend improvements, including in our schools.

We will work with leaders and partners in the police and wider society to improve the diversity of Police Scotland and enhance the quality of data across the justice system, to better understand and serve the needs of our communities.

We will support and resource the Sheku Bayoh Public Inquiry and commit to taking forward findings to deliver improvements and strengthen public confidence in policing.

Develop our next Race Equality Action Plan

The negative impacts of Covid were disproportionately felt by different groups in society. For our minority ethnic communities, there were both health and financial impacts. That is why we established the Expert Reference Group on COVID-19 and Ethnicity (ERG).

We will continue to engage with minority ethnic communities, for example, to promote uptake of the vaccine and to understand and mitigate the impact of covid in minority ethnic communities.

Building on their recommendations, we will develop our next Race Equality Action Plan with stakeholders and ethnic minority communities to reach the objectives set out in our Race Equality Framework 2016-2030.

We know there are still barriers to overcome and will continue to work towards the long-term vision and goals of the Race Equality Framework for Scotland.

Improve representation

We will increase the number of minority ethnic people able to benefit from the new Minority Ethnic Leadership and Development Programme we have established with the John Smith Centre.

We will increase support to projects that actively encourage those from a minority ethnic background into positions on public boards to increase diverse representation.

Champion fairer employment

We believe there needs to be an open and honest conversation about race and institutional racism in the workplace in order to identify solutions that will lead to equality and positive outcomes for minority ethnic workers.

We will expand the specific duties that require a listed public authority to publish gender pay gap information to disability and ethnicity reporting and ensure these areas are included within their Equal Pay Statement.

With the full powers of independence, we can do much more to protect workers’ rights and end discrimination. Until then, we will continue to call for the devolution of employment law to the Scottish Parliament.

Strengthen rights

We will bring forward world-leading human rights legislation to reduce inequality and advance the rights of everyone who chooses to make Scotland their home, and ensure human rights are embedded in every aspect of life in Scotland.

As part of this, we will incorporate the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination into Scots Law.

We passed the Hate Crime Act at the end of the last parliament which includes the offence of stirring up racial hatred. We will continue to engage with communities and Police Scotland throughout the implementation of this legislation.

Deliver inclusive education

The Black Lives Matter movement has shone a powerful spotlight on continuing racial injustice and race-based violence, and the need for countries to face their colonial history.

We will fund the development of an online programme on Scotland and the UK’s colonial history throughout the world that can be delivered to schools, and we will encourage Local Authorities to adopt the programme in all schools.

Taking the widely acclaimed TIE campaign as a model, we will create a new programme of anti-racist education in schools, including support for teachers’ professional development, allowing every school to access high-quality anti-racist education. To track progress, we will improve the reporting and publication of data on racist incidents in schools.

Improve representation in public artwork

We will create a new £2 million fund for public artwork which broadens the range of representation in public spaces of Scotland’s history and culture, in particular the contribution of women and minority ethnic communities.

Oppose ‘No Recourse to Public Funds’

We will continue to urge the Tory Government to introduce a fair and humane asylum and refugee system where people have the right to work and to contribute to society.

No-one should be made destitute as a consequence of the Tory policy of No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) which stops people getting access to basic essential services. We do not have powers to change these UK-wide rules but we will take forward our Ending Destitution Together strategy to support people to have access to safe accommodation, food and specialist advice.